Jul 24, 2008

Today's (not so bountiful) harvest

Four little diamond eggplant... They're about 7 inches long. We fried them for dinner and the boys ate them up. They were nice and small, firm and not bitter. I may have picked them a little early but they're small anyway.

One retarded black krim tomato... it was stuck between vines, hence the retardedness. It was our first of that variety, it was nice and sweeet. Of course the boys ate the majority of it after J and I had only a taste.

One Silvery Tree Fir tomato.

J and the boys did a pretty good check of the tomato plants for more hornworms. Looks like our little parasite infected friend is the only one out there at this point and he's not looking so hot. Lets hope there aren't any more. My neighbor lost a tomato plant.. it died within a few days. No clue what happened to it. I hope whatever killed it stays on her side of the fence. I told her about the hornworm... she didn't seem phased. She grew up on a farm and always gives me little tips about growing veggies. I'm convinced she can grow anything, which is why her dead tomato plant concerns me a bit.

Jul 23, 2008

Tomato Horn Worm


Apparently these giant things can kill a plant within days once they're moths. They also can over winter in the soil! The one I have on my plants is parasitized (which is a good thing). The white thigns are eggs from a kind of wasp. The website says to save it in a jar and feed it till they hatch.. but what do I do then? Leave the lil wasps go in the garden?

I also read they can attack peppers and eggplants... if this gets out of hand I'm screwed.

For Sandi

Death comes to us all...

Well, it's July alright.

July and August are hard on my garden. My flowers are always droopy despite watering every day... the pests seem to be in full force... It's too hot to get out there and do any major work so the grass is over grown and the beds are full of weeds.

Today while I was tying up the tomatoes I spotted this not-so-lil caterpillar.

I'm not sure:

A. What it is
B. What is on it
C. If I should worry it's on my tomato plants

It was very cool to look at though. I guess I'll have to do some googling and asking around. The white things look like eggs, not sure how one would lay eggs on oneself but I guess that's possible right?

I think my tomatoes have early blight. I'm really on the fence about using a fungicide but I might have to. All that work only to be lost to a fungus! Not really what I was hoping for. I've started watering specifically at the ground level (in order to keep the leaves dry) and I think I may purchase a soaker hose in the next week. I've also tried to clip off most of the infected leaves in hopes it wont spread too much. I read that this fungus can stay in the soil for about 3 years so I guess I'll have to rotate the beds next year. A lot of those black spots all over the place makes for an unhealthy plant.

We've harvested 3 lil Silvery Tree Fir tomatoes and they were SO yummy! We've got lots of green ones all around, but none ready to pick. Hmmm.. come to think of it, when will I know when the Green Zebras are ready to pick if they're green when they're ripe? I guess I'll know when I see it.

Everything seems to be chugging along pretty well otherwise. The eggplants are producing regardless of the flea beatles. These are Diamond Eggplants. They stay thin and grow to be abuot 6-9 inches long. I've got a few around that size I may cut for dinner one night this week. I have a Black Beauty plant out there (the big eggplants) and another variety I'm not sure of. The vines are purple and the fruits are long and thin and a little pointy looking. I can't even remember WHERE I bought it let alone what variety it is.
No white eggplant this year, but mom has one that's doing well so I might be able to sample hers.

The cucumbers have blossoms and are growing like crazy, peppers are everywhere.. so far I'd say everything is doing very well despite the heat and leaf spot (damn those tomatoes!). I think it'll be only a few weeks before we're really harvesting good bunches of veggies! I can't wait!

Jul 2, 2008

one last try

I was browsing the garden center at 'big box mart' today (shhh I don't usually admit to that) and I bought one lil pot of cucumber plants that looked pretty healthy. One last shot. They're in the ground, watered... I know it's late but the plants are pretty big... we'll see.