Aug 25, 2008

The dead... has arisen.

Um... Sandi?

Update with photos to come very soon. Over the next day or two... I've been busy. :)

Aug 22, 2008

So I don't forget...

I planted daylilies along the fence, Planted 4 O'Clocks to their left and on the little corner where the dracaena used to be, Planted some smal... hmm.. things? in front of the dayliies. I'll have to look at the bag to see what they are.

Dug up a TON of daffodil bulbs. I'll get those around in the next week or so. I hate having the bug with no fundage. I spent $10 on mums today and put them out front. I hope they'll get enough sun.

The front garden looked great for a few years, now there's just too much shade. The whiskey barrel finally rotted so much I had to take it out. There is a big empty spot in the garden now. Everything just looks... blah. All the same height.. etc. I need a perennial that is tall and colorful that will last the entire season and thrive in shade to part sun. I'm dreaming right?

Aug 20, 2008

Back to business

What a beautiful day... 75 degrees and sunny! Perfect for gardening.

I was neglecting the garden a bit over the last month. The pests, the heat, my empty weed whacker were all depressing me. I helped a friend move some things around his new garden (ok, so I pulled weeds and watched him do the hard work), that in combination with the nice weather I had the itch to get out in my own.

I cut the grass, did some weeding and moved a few things around along the patio. I pulled out the tall, purple, spiky things (how's that for technical?) and moved the canna from the front yard to a spot next to the strawberry grass and moved the ones already along the patio between the roses and the daylilies. Finally moved that calla lily and those other leafy things (again, technical?) into their own spots next to the canna. I also moved the Asian lilies into a clump near the strawberry grass in hopes of having some color there all season. Once the lilies are done the canna should be coming up and flowering in late summer. Hopefully it wasn't too early to move everything, my plan was to wait for fall. I dug up some dayliies, cut the fans and put them bare root in a flower pot with damp newspaper.. dropped them in the shed. Hopefully I'll get them in the ground along the side fence (front yard) by Friday. I've a huge box of bulbs that have to go in the ground... I hope the weather stays nice.

I mulched along the patio where I planted the new stuff. I had one bag in the shed. Damn... now I've got the itch and no supplies and no spare dough. Maybe next week I'll buy a few bags of mulch and some mums and daffodil bulbs... maybe.

Vegetable wise, The diamond eggplant look great but last time we picked those they had black, mushy spots inside and a little worm. I've seen squash borers on the flowers so I guess that's what happened to that plant. The others seem to be OK though. We cooked the white, the black beauty and the japanese for dinner a few nights ago just to compare tastes. The white were nice and firm and not bitter, but the Japanese were our favorite.

I'm getting lots of peppers, no complaints there. If you've read before (or chatted with me, or passed me on the street and made eye contact) you know the story with my tomatoes. We're getting an OK yield, but not like last year. We can pretty much eat what we pick but there's not a huge surplus that we're freezing or giving away by the bagful like last year.

We've picked about 5 cucumbers total and the plants look like they're dying. They have lots of yellow leaves and vines and a few of the cucumbers out there are yellow and deformed. Bummer.

Aug 12, 2008

My poor, poor tomato plants.

Here's my after vacation harvest. Unfortunately my tomato plants look like they looked in late Sept last year. I don't think I'll be getting many tomatoes after this.

The plants are dry.. they're yellow... my tomatoes are rotting. I really think blight is killing them. I'll have to move them to the other bed next year and I don't think I'm planting nearly as many. It's just too depressing to see them like this! I was gone five days visiting with friends. I told Joe to water everything every night, to pick anything that was ripe.. etc etc, so they weren't negelected. It HAS to be blight.

The cucumbers are doing OK. I've got two ready to pick and one that is a little retarded looking. Lots of flowers but not many females. They're still doing better than last year so I shouldn't complain.

On the other hand, my eggplants and peppers are doing wonderfully. Nothing pickable just yet (other than ONE chocolate beauty), but they're coming along and look healthy unlike the tomatoes that seem to be rotting before they're ready to pick. I had an awesome suprise waiting for me when I came home... one of my white eggplants DID survive! I picked it tonight! I can't wait to cook it up for dinner tomorrow!