May 20, 2009

veggies in :)

Planted five Rutgers plants and three Jubilee Yellow plants on Friday. As usual, I didn't harden them off, but figure if they survived my sunporch and neglect they'd be just fine. It's been five days and they seem to be doing well.

Yesterday I put two California-something-or-other peppers plants in, and two black beauty eggplants. I have room for maybe two to four more plants but not sure I want to overload with too much of the same thing. I'm tempted to put in a cuke or zucchini plant but they never do well. Granted, it would be in a different spot than I've tried in the past, but still think it's a bad idea (mmm hmmm... check back in a few weeks when I confess to buying plants at the HD).

Still searching for that quick growing, shade loving, tall, flowering perennial for the front yard behind the barrel. I also have a spot behing the goldstrum that needs the same. Help!

May 11, 2009


Herbs are in:

sweet basil
thai basil
spicy basil
common sage
(i think that's it)

I bought two japanese eggplant plants and put them in the ground as well. My black beauties (from seed) are still really small and not ready yet. The tomatoes are looking great, I've got 19 rutgers plants and 5 jubilee yellow plants. I'd like to harden them off and get them in the ground memorial day weekend.. we'll see. The peppers, like the eggplants are still really small.

Planted the window boxes, they look OK.. but need to grow in a bit for me to post any photos... hmm... what else...

nothing, my camera is being a lil bitch and i can't figure out how to get the settings back to normal. Cellphone shots for now :)