Jun 22, 2009

Rain, Rain.. wtf go away!

I love me some shabby daisies. They're just so big and unruly and... i dig em. Just a few photos of the flowers before I get into the veggie talk...

The flea beetles are back, but the eggplant are still doing OK. I have a nice big blossom, but didn't grab a photo. The peppers are still small (all but two). I bought a cuke and a zucchini plant and threw them between the peppers and eggplants. They're still really small but we'll see how they go.

I finally got out there and weeded the veggie beds a little bit. I noticed some yellowish leaves with dark spots on one tomato plant. Early blight again? I seriously hope not... I installed the soaker hoses to avoid this, but with all this rain it's been a mess out there.

The peas look GREAT! I'm so suprised at how many we're getting. We've been picking them every time we're out there and crunching on them. The herbs look wonderful, but the cilantro bolted already. :(

um... ya that's all.. photo time.

Jun 8, 2009

helper in the garden today :)

A friend dropped off some pretty pink flowers from her mom's garden today. Found a nice spot for em.. next year they'll come back really nicely.

Nothing to report, Matthew helped (aka, got wet) in the garden today.

Jun 7, 2009

What big thorns you have!

Does this seem overly thorny to you? I had no idea.

peas please

My Peas were growing about 18 inches above the chain link fence... I knew it was only a matter of time before they flopped. Used some bamboo and twine to make a new place for them to climb.

Staked a few tomato plants today, but that's about it. The herbs are growing like weeds, and the weeds are growing like.. well.. weeds.

Joey made this 'hairy caterpillar' at Duffield's Farm. It looks so adorable among the herbs.. and he really digs watching it grow there :)

Jun 2, 2009

Yellow flowers - Evening Primrose :)

Jun 1, 2009

ok, it WAS funny

Last season a friend picked up a soaker hose kit on sale for me. There was no way I could hook it all up last year as my plants were huge and i just couldn't set it up.
Fast forward to tonight. I think I'm going to get out there and hook those hoses up in 20 minutes... get to watering and that's that. Well.. that was Teri's thumbs getting sore from pushing little stoppers and couplings and flag drippers into the hoses. That was Teri getting hit the the face with said flag drippers, followed by a steady stream of water. That was.. well... that was an adventure.

I did both beds, but have to purchase a hose hook up for one of them. This will REALLY cut down on my watering time outside, and more importantly keep the water off the leaves. Last year I really think the tomatoes ended up with blight because they were too crowded and too wet.

In other news... I love these.. anyone know wtf they are? (cellphone shot)

The Shasta Daisies look amazing and are getting really tall, The Goldstrum as well. The echinacea I put in is supposed to be a variety that gets pretty tall. They're have orange flowers instead of pink.. I've got ONE flower and a few buds but they're really only about 14 inches high, I was hoping for much more. Maybe they're not getting enough sun.. but I don't see how that's possible. Perhaps next year they'll come back nice and big.

Still have lots of moving and separating to do. I think I'll move a few hosta and ferns, but I'm not going to split up anything until the fall. The Strawberry Grass is just about out of control and needs to be put in it's place (I'll show you.. you invasive grassy phalaris arundinacea.. err.. whatever you are).


I bought a Mr. Stripey, red bell pepper and green bell pepper plants on Saturday and put them in today. I planned to buy at least one pepper plant because mine are so teeny. They're in the ground (the ones i started from seed) but damn.. I'm anxious!
I couldn't resist the Mr. Stripey plant. I think they're just awesome tomatoes. I love them on sandwiches and in cuke salads... sooo sweet.

I've got room for maybe one or two more plants. I haven't decided if i want to do another kind of eggplant or try the zuchinni or cukes one last shot (who the hell am I kidding?).

In other news, the herbs look wonderful, and I'm able to use the sweet basil, parsley and cilantro already.