Aug 24, 2009

10 hours at 150 degrees...

OK, now what do I do with all this stuff?

I don't know why it never dawned on me to make zucchini bread. I had two gigantic zukes.. why not? I made two humongous loaves in honor of the size of the squash themselves. They were carby, cinnamony, heavy bricks of goodness. This fat girl will be making more.

I've decided to try and sun dry... er... oven dry some tomatoes. They've been in the over for about two hours, if they're awesome they'll be another update. If this post gets deleted, well...

On to the photos:

Aug 16, 2009

Mater Mess

Ok.. so the tomatoes are doing very well and I'm pleased. I'm also a lazy gardener and never properly built a cage so they're falling all over each other now that they have fruit. Let me set the scene...

There I was, armed with blue yarn, scissors and just enough bravery to dive right in without fear of hornworms or any other critter that makes me shudder. 8am and 90 degrees...

I tied a large piece of bamboo to the fence post, cause uh.. ya that'll hold it. I tied blue yarn around another piece of bamboo that was leaning over from the weight of the plants across the entire bed to the lilac. I tied that damn blue yard to a few more pieces and wrapped it around the front landscaping tie.. blue.. yarn.. everywhere...

ok so i switched to twine because that blue yarn? ya.. not as strong as I'd hoped. TWINE EVERYWHERE.. with plants tied to it with the uh... blue yarn. Anyway, they're much less cluttered and on top of each other, because on top of each other is fine and dandy unless you're a tomato plant susceptible to blight (even in the tomato world the fun stuff gives you cooties).

The zucchini doesn't look so hot. They're kind of rotting very early and I wonder if the borers are back. Eggplants are going strong.. Peppers too but very slowly.
The herbs are insanely weedy and bushy and bolting and allthefuckovertheplace.

In flower news the goldstrum look amazing and I think I'll buy some more of those next year. Only one of my mums are blooming and I'm afraid I trimmed the buds last time I trimmed the plants. The daisies and daylilies are finished.

Bought a huge bag of daffodils today, now I just need to get them in the ground come Sept. Did I mention I'm lazy?

Aug 10, 2009

photo update

now... hold them out so they look even bigger :)

Green shoulders anyone?