Sep 8, 2009

Yesterday was Labor Day.. so I labored.

Just because.

Cleared all of those purple and white spikey things and the Evening Primrose from behind the Japanese Maple (which badly needed trimming), and put the daylilies back where they belong. Less is more, Teri.. less is more. Pulled out a bunch of Strawberry Grass which is pretty and all but GEEZUS that shit spreads, it's worse than an STD.

Planted some Allium along the fence and some daffodils in front of them.. ya, I know the daffodils will come up foist.. what of it? I can't seem to get my shit together out there.. I need about a grand (and a helper).

The bumble bees are ridiculous out there. They're VERY much into those purple spikey flowers.. y'know the ones I tore out. I still have some along the patio and next to the shed, and the bees are hanging out. They're slow... Fall is a comin'... the mums say so.

Harvesting about 10 tomatoes per day now. Coops' salsa recipe is just waiting to be used and abused, I just have to get around to it... Y'know, somewhere between Physics and Anatomy & Physiology, and kids lunches, and homework, and my happenin' social life...