Jun 21, 2010


My garden is a wreck.

I've been so busy(lazy) with life that I haven't had time (the drive) to get in the garden to do anything. My sugar snap peas all died and didn't grow properly, those that did got hacked down by the guys who mow the alley. I've got some vegetables in the beds.. eggplants, zucchini, some herbs, jalapenos, and a few varieties of tomatoes.. one of which i think is dying.

My flowers are wilty because I don't water them, and my lawn thinks it's August and had decided to turn brown.

There are weeds everywhere, I never planted sunflowers around the shed like I planned.

I haven't taken any photos because I'm just not... inspired.

.. so there.

Apr 12, 2010

glandular trichomes, er... tomato hair

Tomato hair.. part sticky, part prickly and apparently what gives tomato plants that wonderful tomato plant smell. It also produces a chemical that deters pests (yay!), and a chemical compound that's thought to have human antibiotic qualities. Cool huh?
So, since my tomato plants (wonderfully pictured above, if you click on the photo you can see it up close.) now have glandular hair does that mean they're entering puberty?

Moss Phlox looks very pretty as usual. I wish it would keep those pretty little flowers a little longer AND not look so nasty come august.

You got your strawberry grass in my moss phlox... hey, you got your moss phlox in my strawberry grass!
(::sigh:: at least I giggled)

Get close to your screen... the lilac smells divine!

Apr 11, 2010

Spoiled by mild winters.

My giant lavender bush is mostly dead, like Wesley in The Princess Bride. Only I'm no Miracle Max. I think I trimmed it way too short and did some major damage... It just looked so dead and awful over the winter. I cut it very short back in early March (might have even been February). I'm on the fence about digging it up, I have no idea what to put there in its place. Sometimes I wonder if my garden did so well the last few years because of the very mild winters we've had.

I was very pleased with my daffodils this year. I think I'll buy another bag of bulbs this season. More crocus and more daffodil (not to be confused with more cowbell)! I love spring. :) Yesterday I planted some Red Hot Pokers along the front fence, just in front of the daffodils. There are Allium behind them so hopefully they'll look nice. I'm kind of wishing I'd clumped the Allium now though.

Put in some giant elephant's ear next to the shed, at the corner of the patio and the next to the house in front. Taking a chance on this one, I need something tall and leafy.. If I don't like them I'll dig em up. Also planted one in the front corner shade garden, but know they need full sun... shrug, who knows.

Whatever I planted behind the barrel two years ago is starting to finally come up. I remember it's supposed to get pretty tall and have pretty red, feathery flowers but I can't remember what it's called. I figured it just died. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.

The lilac is huge. Didn't trim it last season so it didn't flower as nicely as last year. Trimmed it up pretty well last night, took all the dead seed husks off and took out a lot of dead branches. This year I HAVE to remember. Brought some inside because they smell awesome.

On to the veggies! Nearly lost my tomato plants! We had a few days with 85-90 degree weather (yes, I know it's April) and I spaced and didn't water them every day. Every one was wilted and lifeless... drowned them yesterday with water and they're all back to normal. I should put them in individual pots soon, they're about 4 inches high. I saved a bunch of plastic pots from last year and plan to use those. It feels odd only having tomato seedlings on my sunporch.

Mar 17, 2010

When's last frost again?

Cleaned up.

Turned the soil in the veggie beds.

Planted snap peas.

Planted corn.

Corn? wtf? I have no room for corn.. this is a Joey and Matthew project with left over seeds from their 100th day of school project. Who am I to stop them? (I seriously doubt they'll even come up).

Spring Flowers

It's funny. I just posted a few flowers of crocus on facebook (because I know everyone is dying to see my flowers.. what?), and I had two different people ask me what kind of flowers they were.
I thought everybody knew the basic spring flowers... daffodils, crocus and tulips. My mother always had a beautiful rock garden filled with little flowers and I guess I just thought it was common knowledge. Crocus? Daffodils? Really?
BTW.. mom's got some really cute mini daffodils in her rock garden right now. They're perfect.. little.. miniature... daffodils. :)

Mar 16, 2010

Hey Sproutlets! (I need a a new title for my sprout photos, I think I used this last year)

Planted my tomato seeds a about 10 days, or 2 weeks ago.. something like that.
3 Varieties, um... I don't remember which.

Nothing really going on at this point. We've had some really nice weather, I'm hoping it hangs around and we don't get any surprise frosts. I'd like to get our peas in the ground this weekend, although now that I've said (er.. typed) it out loud it probably wont happen.

The daffodils are coming up everywhere! They're my favorite spring flower and I'm so glad I got them all in the ground. Maybe next year I'll add even more.. note to self:


Plant more daffodil bulbs - Fall 10.


Feb 21, 2010


Finally got my seeds. :) Nothing special, 3 varieties of tomatoes and a package of snap peas.

Will start the tomatoes tomorrow, but I think I'm buying eggplant transplants this year instead of starting from seed because I just don't have the energy.