Mar 17, 2010

When's last frost again?

Cleaned up.

Turned the soil in the veggie beds.

Planted snap peas.

Planted corn.

Corn? wtf? I have no room for corn.. this is a Joey and Matthew project with left over seeds from their 100th day of school project. Who am I to stop them? (I seriously doubt they'll even come up).

Spring Flowers

It's funny. I just posted a few flowers of crocus on facebook (because I know everyone is dying to see my flowers.. what?), and I had two different people ask me what kind of flowers they were.
I thought everybody knew the basic spring flowers... daffodils, crocus and tulips. My mother always had a beautiful rock garden filled with little flowers and I guess I just thought it was common knowledge. Crocus? Daffodils? Really?
BTW.. mom's got some really cute mini daffodils in her rock garden right now. They're perfect.. little.. miniature... daffodils. :)

Mar 16, 2010

Hey Sproutlets! (I need a a new title for my sprout photos, I think I used this last year)

Planted my tomato seeds a about 10 days, or 2 weeks ago.. something like that.
3 Varieties, um... I don't remember which.

Nothing really going on at this point. We've had some really nice weather, I'm hoping it hangs around and we don't get any surprise frosts. I'd like to get our peas in the ground this weekend, although now that I've said (er.. typed) it out loud it probably wont happen.

The daffodils are coming up everywhere! They're my favorite spring flower and I'm so glad I got them all in the ground. Maybe next year I'll add even more.. note to self:


Plant more daffodil bulbs - Fall 10.