Jul 10, 2011

Well.. they were there...

so we picked them.

Two big zucchini, that is. We made four loaves of zucchini bread, ate one the second it came out of the oven (might I remind you it's only me and two boys ages 6 and 7 here), ate a little more than half of one for breakfast this morning, gave one to my parents, and half of one to the honey (who's trying to lose weight.. sorry!). If your zucchini math is up to snuff you'll know that we've got just about one left here at home. I don't think it's going to last the day and expect to come home from clinical tomorrow to none.

Since the garden is so sparse this year, I was happy to use SOMETHING. There are tomatoes on the vines, but nothing pickable. The pepper plant is half hidden under the zukes, dunno how that's doing. I tried to do eggplants in a container, it was a nice big, healthy plant until I didn't water it often enough. It's alive, but not producing.

I miss the garden, there's just no time... but enough depressing news, check out this cutie!

May 29, 2011

and can I just add...

... that I'm REALLY fuming over this. Almost every single bud is broken off my daylilies! EVERY ONE! The yard already looks like crap this year.. and now I've got bloomless lilies.
Ugh.. seriously just... I want to scream.

disappointment in the garden...

I was going to take the boys to McDonalds for breakfast this morning.. walked outside and..


Broken lily, and daylily buds all broken off..

... we didn't go to McDonalds.

May 22, 2011

clean up

Finally cleaned up the yard. We've had rain much of the last few weeks so everything was very overgrown. The dead nothing lasts forevergreen has been sawed off and hauled out the curb leaving a big bare spot out front. The front flower garden which used to look beautiful is now.. well.. not so beautiful. I'm not stressing over too much though. I hope to do the windowboxes over the next few weeks. I'm thinking about moving daylilies around.. they're easy, healthy and come back every year. If i can fill some of the awkward spots around the yard I'll be happy. Again, my goal is 'easy'.

Grass! I actually have some not so bad looking grass out there! I still have some problem areas but everything is at least green.

Veggies. Long gone are the wonderful days of ordering seeds and starting them on the sunporch. I bought 2 tomato plants, 1 bell pepper plant, 2 zukes and and eggplant (which is in a huge container). I picked up some basil and more rosemary but other than that I'm keeping it small this year. My parsley and oregano from last season are still kickin'. I was a little down at first but y'know what? Last year I hated the yard.. I hated being out there, I didn't have any time to take care of it and it was just too much to handle. This year I'm keeping it small. Small and manageable as opposed to huge and overwhelming will keep me happy until I'm finished with school and clinical rotations... even if my tomato plants were purchased at Wal-mart.

Mar 5, 2011


I've decided that this season I'm taking my yard back to simple. Over the past two years I've been too busy to properly tend to the garden. Big ideas + no time = crappy garden and yard.

I have one large raised bed for vegetables, and one about half the size of the larger. The smaller one was supposed to be temporary when I built it nearly 5 years ago. It's always looked awful, and was more of a mound with some bricks and landscaping ties around it more than an actual raised bed. Today, I got ambitious.. cleaned up the backyard and took apart the small bed and redistributed the soil. Down to only one area for vegetables now! I thought I'd be sad, or disappointed but I'm not. I'm actually excited! Since our household consists only of me and the boys now we're using less of the garden veggies. Not because we're eating less fresh vegetables, but lets face it, 4 people eat more than 3 people. I'm taking the vegetables down to bare bones.. tomatoes, eggplants, a few herbs, and sugar snap peas in the spring. Now, I'm not 100% bound to that short list, but I'm not starting 200 seedlings this year either. I'm sticking to one or two tomato plants, same with the eggplant. I'm looking forward to a small, easy veggie garden. :) It'll be much less depressing than that unkept mess we had last season.

Next weekend - front yard clean up. I have an (not so-ever)evergreen that is about 8 feet tall that just decided to turn brown over the winter. Once I figure out how on earth to remove that I'll come up with a replacement plan. I really, really need some tall, colorful things out front. I've lost a few azaleas, now that tree.. everything is the same height.

So... overall goal this year? Healthy and simple. I've never really much had luck with nice grass, now that I've removed one of the beds, I'm going to have to plant some there. Green grass, small vegetable garden, pretty flowers. Simplicity. :)

Jan 3, 2011


I've never liked winter, other than when I was about 8 years old and enjoyed sledding and building snowmen.

I'm longing for warm weather and green grass and grilled hamburger dinners in the yard.
75 days until the first day of Spring.