May 26, 2012

Things sure aren't what they used to be

So, I used to have a garden.

No.. really I did.  It had veggies... It had flowers for Spring, Summer and Fall... mulch and everything.

Now?  Now I've got a shell of a garden.  I'm down to one teeny veggie bed and only the flowers that come back every year and leftover, moldy mulch.  It's downright depressing, but I just don't have the time or money to keep it up.

I miss ordering seeds, and I miss my sun room filed with tomato sprouts.  I miss picking purple and yellow tomatoes with orange stripes from plants taller than I am.  I miss giant zucchini and the kids eating sugar snaps peas from the vine faster than I can bring them in the house.  I miss taking banana peppers to my Dad, and watching the neighbors avoid eye contact with me for fear of me pushing garden surplus on them.
Hell, I even miss discovering new garden pests (how could I forget that tomato horn worm with all the wasp eggs?).  I miss watering everything in the evening and taking pictures of new blooms.

2012 Veggies

* 3 varieties of heirloom tomatoes - Beefsteak (don't judge me.. I     bought my plants at Walmart), Roma, and Black Queen.

*1 Japanese eggplant

*1 Black Beauty eggplant

*Jalapeno pepper

*1 Zucchini


*Oregano and Rosemary (left over from last year)

Evening Primrose

Cellphone shots from 5/25/12