Jun 23, 2012

A little progress...

Im attempting to update this via the blogger iPhone app... So far im not impressed. Photos were taken with my phone.

Weeded and cleaned up a little today. While I was watering everything my mind kinda jumped back to my previous gardening self. I was considering where to move the daylilies, what I could plant in some bare spots.... Y'know, the usual.

Veggies are doing much better than last year. Well... Except for the basil I'd forgotten I'd planted. Ooops.

Zukes!  Ok, so far I've only got one female flower...  but that's ok.  I usually let them
get really, really big and then make zucchini bread with the boys.  I hope we get a few this year.

Wasn't fast enough and the oregano bolted. It's ok, I wasn't really using it
much anyway.   The teeny little white flowers are pretty though.

I just love daisies
... and zucchini leaves.  They're HUGE!
Beat up ol' coneflower.
Daylily.  I love daylilies.  They're hearty, they bloom for two months
and they come back every year... a lazy gardener can't beat that.