Aug 5, 2013


My garden ain't what it used to be. 
Sure, I've got some money in my pocket these days, enough to buy plants and gardening tools.. but..

I think I'm in a rebuilding phase.  The garden has been neglected for so long that it's taking a long time for it to get it's groove back.  I also need a new camera.  My iphone is great and all, but I miss those super sharp macro photos.

Veggies in the garden this year: Mr. Stripey and Cherokee Purple tomatoes.  Zucchini, Japanese eggplant and oregano.  The zucchini is doing very well and overtook the eggplant.  My tomatoes look awful.  They're very dry despite a record of rainfall this summer, perhaps too much rain.  The squirrels are running away with the tomatoes too, taking bites out of the big ones and literally running away with the smaller ones. 

Overall the garden doesn't look bad, just... not what it was.  It's a rebuilding year, yes?

Photos via iphone: